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Sam Axton

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The World is Mind The World is Mine

Bronze casting

Master Master

Bronze casting

Joy Joy

Bronze casting

Excelsior Excelsior

Bronze casting

Rapture Rapture

Bronze casting

The Alchemy of Clay to Bronze ~a brief description of the bronze casting process, by Sam Axton. more sculpture... main gallery...

About Sam Axton ~

"From the gods created by Ayn Rand to my living heroes — those explorers, inventors, builders and philosophers who have pushed the resisting world forward — this is what motivates my work. This is the kind of soul I want to celebrate in my sculpture. I sculpt to capture moments of man's life that will inspire a lifetime of beauty and joy, promise and resolve. I sculpt for the technical challenge of bringing to life my virtues and values in metal and stone. I sculpt to touch my imagination and fuel my own soul. And I sculpt to show others that which moves me, in hopes of moving them.

"The World is Mine was influenced by Rand's description of Dagny in the scene where Rearden first saw her in Atlas Shrugged. Excelsior ('upwards'), is a mission statement, a self-portrait of sorts, portraying — 'the effort to reach ever higher goals is my pleasure.' Joy is a depiction of my value to share my 'joie de vivre' with others. My goal is to achieve, in my work, the category of Romantic Fine Art, that form of art which combines the projection of life-affirming values and virtues with consummate craftsmanship.

"I have always had busy, curious hands. I have made my living as a craftsman. In the early 80's I was designing sets for two dance companies I was performing with. It was then that I began to teach myself to sculpt some of the ideas that stirred in me. I had great success at the '89 Jefferson School conference where I showed my first sculptures (under my former name Sam Adkisson). I was also part of the Arts Show at the '90 Texas Objectivist Society Conference. From '90 to '93 I displayed my work at the Prince-Royal Gallery of Old Towne Alexandria, VA. In '93 The World is Mine was featured in an Art Business News article."