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Autumn's First Breath: A New Beginning
Autumn's First Breath Autumn's First Breath Autumn's First Breath

Autumn's First Breath: A New Beginning

Damon-A. H. Denys

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Giclée print on canvas (About our prints)
Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition of 150
26" x 37"

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. Probably my favorite single experience of the seasons is that moment in late summer when I catch the first slightly cool breeze of the upcoming autumn on my skin, even while the hot summer sun continues to shine down on me. To me, it means the promise of good days to come. If I had to choose another title for this painting, it would be just that: A Promise of Good Days to Come.

The subtitle, "A New Beginning", describes the other major purpose of this painting. I have never liked the concept of a year which is born in the spring, thrives in the summer, grows old in the autumn and then dies in the winter. To me, each season has a life of its own. It begins, contains endless elements of life and vibrancy, and then slowly passes on into the birth of a new season, which in turn contains its own elements to be enjoyed. In this painting I am offering the autumn to be contemplated, not as a decrepit state of the yearly cycle, but as a vibrant, beautiful cycle of its own.

Damon Denys