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Bryan Larsen

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Giclée print on canvas (About our prints)
Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition of 195
17" x 34"

Unframed — $495

Large Limited-edition Prints

Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition of 45
27" x 54"

Unframed — $2,000

A toast to Heroes by Quent Cordair...

As a young boy growing up in Florida, I had the good fortune, on several nights, of looking to the horizon to watch a bright white light turn night into day and rise in a line toward the stars. A few years later, I would watch my first model rocket fly straight up into the sky and out of sight — never to reappear. My father would take us to airports and air shows, where we marveled at the wondrous machines, the men who built them, and those who flew them with such confidence, courage and daring. To this day I thrill at standing near enough to a jet engine to feel its vibrations through the core of my body, and at watching tons of metal lift off of the earth and travel gracefully skyward.

Some will not share my personal love for flight or for rocketry, but anyone who takes pride in the accomplishments of Man should readily recognize and appreciate the theme in Bryan Larsen's Heroes— the admiration and hero-worship for men who create great and marvelous things, and for those who travel courageously beyond our known frontiers.

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