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  1. Recent Awards

  2. Danny Grant was recently named one of the “Artists to Watch” by Southwest Art Magazine. He was the editor’s choice for up-and-coming talent.

    Tamara Bonet won first place in the American Women Artist’s competition with her sculpture, Garden Reverie. The sculpture was also named as a finalist In the sculpture category for the Art Renewal Center’s 2013 International Salon.

    Bryan Larsen’s painting Grace Note was named as a finalist in the Art Renewal Center’s 2013 International Salon.

  3. The Lunch Break Collection is Now Available

    Festival De Sol 2012
    A billionaire struggling for hope searches the world for love; a country girl with a rifle stands ready to deliver justice; a former banker washes windows on the side of a skyscraper; the daughter of a foreign official is lured into the heart of San Francisco; the son of a wealthy divorcee helps recover her lost soul; in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, a sculptor’s work inspires and uplifts; a teacher pursues an elusive assassin; a family man follows his own course in preparation for apocalypse.

    In Lunch Break, a collection of short stories and poems by Quent Cordair, adventure, suspense and romance rule the day as the protagonists pursue their ends with passion and perseverance. The collection includes stories originally published in The Atlantean Press Review and ART Ideas.

    The selected stories: A Prelude to Pleasure, April's Justice, The Whistler, The Seduction of Santi Banesh, For the Woman Who Has Everything, The Sculpture That Won the War, The Hunter and Sheltered.

    The selected poems: My Pledge, Holding Your Hand, The Line, Your Hands, Priceless, In My World, Suite Boxes, For My Softest One and Clever Girl.

    The Lunch Break Collection is now available on Amazon at

  4. Meet the Artist - Michael Wilkinson Reception in the Napa Gallery

    Festival De Sol 2012

    Over the last thirty years, Michael Wilkinson has created a body of work known for its beauty and universal appeal. Michael is the pre-eminent figurative sculptor working in acrylic today. Join us in the gallery on Friday, June 29, 2012, from 6-8pm. Meet Michael, enjoy his latest work and spend the evening contemplating one of the world's most romantic art collections. Assistance with making hotel reservations is available, as is information about extending your time in Napa to wine taste and to sightsee.

    Please RSVP for the event to or by calling 707-255-2242. Wine will be served by Carducci-Arnfeldt Winery.

  5. Festival Del Sole and Quent Cordair Fine Art, July 13 -22, 2012

    Festival De Sol 2012Set among lush rolling foothills and breathtaking vineyard landscapes, Napa Valley Festival del Sole offers a blend of world-class artistry, gourmet cuisine, fine wines and lifestyle programs in a unique celebration of the art of life. With more than 80 participating wineries and an extraordinary roster of artists, performers and authors (this year including the Bolshoi, Joshua Bell, Nathan Gunn and Frances Mayes), Napa Valley Festival del Sole provides a 10-day (July 13-22) experience the New York Times calls a "feast for the senses." Concerts take place in spectacular venues, including a castle courtyard, a historic theater, and under the stars surrounded by vineyards, complemented by the legendary hospitality of Napa's finest wineries and estates.
    Come for a single performance, enjoy the full VIP experience (exclusive Vintners' Luncheons, Dinners and receptions), or try Festival del Sole's Allegro Pass (a full-day festival pass with exclusive receptions and discounts).

    For additional information and a full schedule, visit

    Special for friends of Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery: Save 15% when you buy Festival del Sole tickets, passes or packages online (use Coupon Code "FESTIVAL" – may not be combined with any other discount) or by phone (707-200-1314).

  6. Martin Eichinger and Festival del Sole Coming in July

    Festival De Sol 2012

    We are pleased to announce our continued association and sponsorship with Festival del Sole, a ten-day music, art and wine festival held each July in the Napa Valley. This year's festival promises to be the biggest and best yet, with an impressive list of performers including one of our favorites, violinist Joshua Bell. Fans of QCFA receive discounts on tickets and packages to this exciting event. See our news page for details.

    Allegro and VIP pass holders with the Festival del Sole will enjoy a private wine reception in our gallery at 4pm on Friday, July 20, with sculptor Martin Eichinger.

    Additional receptions with Mr Eichinger which will be open to the public are scheduled for July 20 from 6-8pm, July 21 from 2-4pm and again that evening from 6-8pm.

    Martin Eichinger is pictured here with four of his latest sculptures from The Meditation Series:

    Three Options are Open
    One With
    To Love Is To Be
    Fortify My Spirit


  7. Quent Cordair’s Short Stories Now Available On Kindle

    Two of Quent Cordair’s short stories have recently been released on Kindle, with more coming soon! Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! You can easily download a free Kindle Reading App to your Web Browser, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone here —

    A Prelude to Pleasure,” tells of how a man of accomplishment and wealth goes about finding his true love, and what he discovers along the way with the help of a boy who reminds him of who he once was. The story, first published to acclaim by The Atlantean Press in 1991, is now available on Kindle at

    Excerpt: "Before the five-year search there had been fifteen long years of watching and waiting to fall passionately in love the way he had always believed he would, the way he once thought he had. But on his fortieth birthday, he stood alone on a rock above a restless ocean and cried. There was no one with whom to share his world, and there seemed to be nothing he could do about it. In business he could do anything, achieve anything, he refused to accept failure--but he couldn't create a woman, and he couldn't fall in love with one who simply wasn't there. Lifting his head, he had angrily wiped away the tears: he had been more than patient with the world, and the world hadn't delivered on its promise. And if he couldn't have what he wanted--he swore he would get the best that could be had. . . ."

    A reader’s review: “The protagonist is a good-looking self-made billionaire who is a business genius with a gorgeous girlfriend. Seems hard to feel sorry for a guy like that, right? Yet Quent Cordair does a nice job depicting his inner struggles, including his life-long personal quest for what's most meaningful in his life. As a reader, one quickly identifies and sympathizes with the hero's plight and roots for him to win in the end. The characters are nicely drawn and the dramatic tension unfolds according to a clever, inexorable logic: Will the hero ruin his life with a bad decision -- or have the courage to make the right decision? I'm being necessarily vague on the details, because I want readers to check out the story for themselves. I read this story during recovery from a painful hip fracture and found it so absorbing that it took my mind off the post-operative pain. So perhaps one way of praising it would be to say, "it's better than Percocet"! — Paul S. Hsieh

    In “Sheltered,” the suspenseful, hot-off-the-press tale with a timely theme, a man faces the prospects of impending disaster and societal collapse while trying to convert those closest to him to his way of thinking. Now available on Kindle at .

    Excerpt: “A year and six days underground without sunlight or breeze or contact with the world above—whatever might be left of the world above. A year and six days without touch, without unrecorded voice, without contact, without friends or family. If only they had listened, if only they had been ready. But he—he had prepared. He was Reginald B. Wakefield, and he hadn’t died. A wave of vindication washed over him, lifting and sweeping away all doubt and fear. He had been right. He raised his eyes again to the hatch cover above. . . . He had been right.”

    A reader’s review: “What a great short story! This story immediately draws you in to the plot. Page after page you follow Reginald creating his "shelter". What an amazing ending to a great story. Can't wait to read the next one!” — C.A. Fusco

    Visit Quent Cordair’s fiction blog at for notification of releases as they become available

  8. Now representing Maestro Pedestals

    Quent Cordair Fine Art is very pleased to be representing Maestro Pedestals. "...elevating, illuminating and awakening the soul of sculpture."

    At Maestro Pedestals, each pedestal is hand-crafted with the greatest attention to detail, producing a pedestal of unparalleled quality.

    Whether you are presenting art created by a master sculptor or that of an up-and-coming artist, a Maestro Pedestal will enhance the artistic display of your sculpture.

    Special prices available for our customers. Please ask for more information.

  9. Ready for the Day finds a home

    From a post by Diana Hsieh, on her blog NoodleFood--

    "Last week, I received my much-coveted print of Bryan Larsen's painting Ready for the Day. It was my first purchase from Quent Cordair Fine Art, and I've been nothing but pleased with the experience."

    "This painting was love at first sight for me. When I look at it, I don't feel like I'm looking at a stranger: I feel like I'm seeing myself in some ideal way. I experience that calm ease of preparing myself, mentally and physically, for some important work that I've chosen for myself. I love that feeling, and this painting seems to capture that so perfectly for me, in a very immediate and intimate way...."

    See the comments section for at least a dozen wonderful responses from Diana's readers, many of whom are already QCFA clients, and many of whom will be....

  10. Unbound wins The Art Renewal Center's 6th International Salon sculpture competition

    Karl Jensen's Unbound has been awarded 1st Place in The Art Renewal Center's 6th International Salon competition for 2009/2010.

    This wonderful 45" bronze sculpture is a limited-edition of only 50 castings. Please visit Unbound for current pricing information.

    The Art Renewal Center strives to provide impetus for the reestablishment of high standards of performance in the visual arts of painting, drawing, and sculpture, and to promote the concept of recognizable quality as a primary criterion for the judgment of Fine Art.

    Congratulations Karl, we are very proud of you!

  11. Contrast is finalist in The Art Renewal Center's 6th International Salon paiting competition

    Bryan Larsen's painting Contrast was selected as a finalist in The Art Renewal Center's 6th International Salon competition for 2009/2010.

    Contrast is a 18" x 30" oil on linen that has been custom framed by the artist. It is perfectly suited for a home or office.

    The Art Renewal Center works to promote a return of training, standards and excellence in the visual arts and to advance the understanding that great art begins with great themes and expresses them poetically through mastery of all aspects of technique.

    Congratulations Bryan, we are very proud of you!

  12. Art and Napa Luxury Join to Celebrate Life

    Renowned artist and gallery pair with Napa's newest luxury hotel on Sept. 25, 2009 for a twist on a classic Napa evening

    Two of Downtown Napa's luxury destinations -- Quent Cordair Fine Art and AVIA, Napa's newest hotel -- offer a taste of the good life on Sept 25 when they present world-renowned wine artist Thomas Arvid. As their mantras of traveling and living well seamlessly collide, the group offers a rare chance to experience Napa in a new classic tradition.

    Meet Thomas Arvid at a wine reception on Friday, September 25 from 6pm-8pm. Known around the world for his iconic portrayals of the wine experience, Mr Arvid will be surrounded by his paintings in the AVIA hotel at 1450 First St., Napa. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to meet Mr. Arvid and purchase his paintings while enjoying some wonderful Napa Valley wine. An additional VIP reception for his collectors and special guests will be held at Quent Cordair Fine Art, 1301 First St, Napa from 8:30pm-10pm.

    Weekend packages for the event are also available at the AVIA Napa.

  13. Tour de Force

    Thomas Arvid joins Quent Cordair Fine Art

    Thomas Arvid possesses an unerring ability to refine a moment. Doing so he captures our wonder and has become an art world phenomenon. Art Business News (May 2003) credits him with "launching a major art trend…" with his oversized still life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding it. Arvid astounds viewers with the intricate details of his images and with his mastery of light, depth and reflection.

    The magic of his painting is in Arvid's ability to visualize and chronicle an entire scene beyond the frame - to tell a story of enjoyment and the good life - using lush color and adroit composition. Arvid is passionate about art and wine: a collector of both, he strives to capture the pleasure of a life well- lived on each canvas. An Atlanta resident and fresh-faced father of two young sons, the self-taught artist insists that wine should be approachable; his paintings are an embodiment of the casual way that we enjoy wine today. He is an appealing role model for a lifestyle of easy elegance and unpretentious charm.

    "Life without art is like dinner without wine. Why bother?" - Thomas Arvid

  14. Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery Welcomes the New Avia Hotel

    June 2009

    Avia Hotel

    If you’ve been considering a visit to see us in Napa, we’re pleased to entice you with a special partnership we’ve developed with the new AVIA Hotel – opening July 1 – just 1 block from the gallery. AVIA is downtown Napa’s newest retreat and is pleased to offer guests of the gallery 20 percent off their best available rates and a host of other benefits. This boutique hotel combines understated elegance with the enthusiasm of a local host – eager to share savvy local connections and the best of Napa Valley.

    Ornate, wrought-iron doors open to reveal an enchanting living room complete with knotty, blackened oak and tufted sofas with a modern flair. The overall aesthetic borrows from the winemaking tradition – it's natural and not uptight, but perfect for a sophisticated palette. Guests can sample regional fare and local vintages inside the AVIA Kitchen + Wine Bar or host a gathering amid striking and sophisticated event space. The hotel features an outdoor Terrace - an urban oasis with hardwood decking, porch swings and fire pit.

    With 141 rooms + suites, AVIA provides sensuous details like hickory hardwood floors, fireplaces and soaking tubs for two. And modern amenities like generous eastern white marble bathrooms and Wi-Fi.

    At AVIA Napa, you’re exactly where you want to be after visiting the gallery and a full day of tasting, in the very walk-able heart of downtown Napa, steps from world-class wine tasting venues, celebrated California cuisine and the new Oxbow Public market with artisanal food and shopping. To learn more, visit or to book our special rates,

  15. Napa Valley Festival Del Sole

    QCFA has partnered with the Napa Valley Festival Del Sole which is being held July 17-25, 2009. The Festival features concerts by some of the world’s most celebrated musical artists, five-star cuisine, art exhibits, and wines from Napa’s top vintners, blended in a unique celebration of the art of life. Concert tickets and VIP packages are on sale now. Tickets for Festival del Sole concerts range from $35-$125. Mention Quent Cordair Fine Art and receive 15% off your tickets.

    This year’s festival kicks off with an opening night concert July 18 at the Napa Valley Opera House featuring three remarkable young artists – violinist Sarah Chang with pianist Andrew von Oeyen, and 14-year old pianist Conrad Tao. The concert is followed by a twilight dinner on the terrace overlooking Napa Valley at Palmaz Vineyards, a new Festival Partner Winery.

    Chang performs again on July 19 with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas under the baton of its conductor and director, Alondra de la Parra. Founded in 2004 to promote the work of talented young soloists and composers, the New York-based Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas has since performed around the world to critical acclaim. The evening’s program includes Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Historic Far Niente Winery opens its doors for a dinner following the concert, featuring a special private performance.

    On July 20, Darioush winery welcomes guests for an “Evening of Persian Hospitality,” a night of Persian cuisine and music that is fast becoming a favorite Festival del Sole tradition. Anoushirvan Rohani, one of Iran’s finest composers and pianists, performs.

    Festival del Sole teams up with Robert Redford for a concert benefiting the Redford Center on July 21. The benefit concert takes place at Castello di Amorosa, vintner Dario Sattui’s dramatic medieval-style Tuscan castle and winery. Patrons and artists will be treated to a post-concert dinner at Agustin and Valeria Huneeus’ home on the grounds of Quintessa winery.

    On July 22, Alondra de la Parra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas perform at Castello di Amorosa with violinist Nikolaj Znaider, followed by dinner in the caves at Rudd Vineyards & Winery.

    Renowned soprano Renée Fleming makes her Festival del Sole debut on July 23, in a recital at Castello di Amorosa. Festival del Sole’s star power continues throughout the evening, with pianists Leif Ove Andsnes and Antonio Pappano, cellist Nina Kotova, and violinist Nikolaj Znaider performing. Following the performance, a dinner honoring Ms. Fleming takes place at The Napa Valley Reserve. Proceeds from this evening benefit Napa Valley performing arts organizations.

    On July 24, Festival del Sole guests will be treated to an intimate jazz performance at the Robert Mondavi Winery, along with dinner in their historic vineyards.

    On July 25 Antonio Pappano, in a rare North American appearance, conducts the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas, pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and cellist Nina Kotova in Mozart’s Magic Flute Overture, Haydn’s Cello Concerto No. 1, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3 and Mozart’s 31st Symphony. The concert takes place at Lincoln Theater, followed by the Festival’s closing night dinner on Signorello Vineyards’ dramatic terrace overlooking Napa Valley.

    Join us for the fun. Quent and I will be attending several of the events. We hope to see you there!

    More Information
  16. Robert Mondavi Sculpture Commission

    Robert Mondavi Sculpture Commission

    May 2009

    Quent Cordair Fine Art is honored to announce the creation of a memorial sculpture of the late Robert Mondavi, legendary vintner and champion of the Napa and California wine industries. In honor of her husband, Mrs. Margrit Mondavi has approved the selection of renowned monument sculptor Jay Hall Carpenter for the commission. The ten-foot bronze sculpture will celebrate and memorialize the singular qualities of the man who for decades served as head of the Napa Valley wine community’s extended family. As the anniversary of Mr. Mondavi’s passing approaches in May, he is remembered as an extraordinary leader of vision and energy -- a mentor, inspiration, neighbor, and friend.

    Negotiations are underway with surrounding property owners, the city of Napa and the Napa Property Business Improvement District (PBID,) to have the sculpture erected in Dwight Murray Plaza, located on First Street in downtown Napa. Mr.Carpenter has begun preliminary work on the tribute to the legendary vintner. The sculpture is being entirely funded by private donations. No public funds are being sought. Donations to fund the creation of the memorial will be to open to individuals and companies who wish to honor his memory. Interested donors may contact Linda Cordair at 707-255-2242 or visit the Robert Mondavi sculpture website.

    Jay Hall Carpenter was elected into the National Sculpture Society before the age of thirty and has won numerous national awards for his sculptures. He served for 20 years as sculptor-in-residence for the Washington National Cathedral. Many American churches contain his work, as do the US State Department, the Smithsonian, Canterbury Cathedral, and the New England Medical Center. Other clients include West Point Military Academy, the Washington Theater Awards, and the State of Maryland. Recent commissions include memorials of Senator Wayne Goode for the University of Missouri, a bronze and granite sculpture of Jim Henson for the University of Maryland, and a memorial sculpture of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., for the USC film school, commissioned by George Lucas.

    Jay Hall Carpenter - Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Courtyard
  17. The ribbon cutting ceremony
    Michael Wilkinson's Forever

    Quent Cordair Fine Art Features the Acryllic Sculptures of Michael Wilkinson

    Quent Cordair Fine Art is pleased to announce an exhibit of sculpture by Romantic Realist Michael Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson is the pre-eminent figurative sculptor working in clear acrylic today. Represented in private and corporate collections world-wide–with literally thousands of collectors–he has created a body of work known for its unique beauty and universal appeal.

    With international shows and numerous one-man gallery exhibitions, in two decades Michael Wilkinson has become one of the prominent sculptors of our time, creating beautiful and powerful works unique in the history of art.

    When asked about his work, Mr. Wilkinson said, “I believe art should uplift the human spirit, show us what is possible. That is why I seek the ideal in my art; the ideal illuminates our potentialities and acts as an affirmation of the best within us.”

    The exhibit can be enjoyed during normal gallery hours, every day except Tuesday from 10:30am to 5:00pm with extended hours on Friday and Saturday evenings until 9pm. The gallery is also available for private viewings by appointment. For more information, please contact us.

  18. Linda Cordair joins the Blogosphere

    Linda Cordair has joined the ranks of those who enjoy writing both for her own pleasure as well as that of others. Quent Cordair Fine Art, Directors Corner (linked to ) is becoming popular with our fans and customers around the world. Recent posts revolve around our exciting move to Napa and Linda's art suggestions.

  19. The ribbon cutting ceremony
    Quent & Linda cut the ribbon with Napa Mayor Jill Techel

    Quent Cordair Fine Art Celebrates Opening of Napa Gallery

    On July 17, 2008, Quent Cordair Fine Art was officially welcomed to the city of Napa with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the mayor, a host of ambassadors from the Napa Chamber of Commerce and many people from the community as well as some out of town guests. The new gallery replaces the Burlingame location which was home to the gallery for 13 years. The new Napa location will offer an even more rewarding experience to its many visitors from around the world.

  20. QCFA Is Moving!

    It's official: we're relocating the gallery to downtown Napa. The new retail space is twice the size of our Burlingame store, about 3600 square feet. Yes, this makes twice in three years that we've doubled in size, with thanks to all of our hardworking artists and loyal patrons who have helped make this relocation and expansion possible.

    Our current expectation is that we'll be able to open the doors by mid-June. We'll host a gala grand opening sometime thereafter. Pictures of the remodeling and build-out are coming soon.

    We're very excited to be relocating to the heart of the Wine Country (sixty miles north of Burlingame; only 45 minutes north of San Francisco), where we'll have the opportunity to introduce our collection to discerning visitors from the world over. The central downtown location is within blocks of dozens of historic bed-and-breakfast inns, as well as new boutique hotels, a Westin property under construction and a new Ritz Carlton soon to break ground. Also in the neighborhood are many wine tasting rooms, great restaurants, the newly remodeled Opera House, a new river walk and COPIA, "The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts."

    To visit our Burlingame gallery during the transition, please call ahead for hours or to schedule an appointment, which we will be happy to accommodate, as our hours of operation will be sporadic over the interim.

    HOW CAN YOU HELP? We're having to buy a lot of lumber, drywall, concrete float, paint, additional track lighting, etc., plus the labor and expertise to put it all in the right places, the right way. Any art purchases you can make over the next few weeks will greatly assist with our construction budget, which in turn supports our artists by making it possible for us to display and sell more of their wonderful paintings and sculpture.

  21. QCFA Arts Cruise, January 6-13, 2008

    Robin Field

    Dr. Stephen Siek and Alan August

    "The cruise and arts program was spectacular. Thanks to you and Quent for your vision and organization of a wonderful event. I was one of those first time cruisers of any kind and found it to be relaxing and something I would do again." - Elaine Ring, TX.

    "Thanks for the glorious cruise!! It was the kind of occasion that keeps you feeling fueled for days to come." - Teresa Hermiz, OH

    "Thanks again for everything. You and Quent created such a rich experience for us. The relaxation, the inspiration, the excitement of it all still lingers and makes even the mundane or chaotic aspects of normal life seem sweeter, now. Thank you!" - Charlotte Jarrett, FL

    Monna Vanna Cast (where's Robin?)

    Dr. Dianne Durante lectures on Art History

    "I can't thank you and Quent enough for organizing the cruise. I absolutely had the time of my life. Seven perfect days in a row. Charlotte and I had been looking forward to the cruise for so long, I was starting to think that it couldn't possibly live up to the anticipation and excitement we had built up over it. I'm glad to say I was completely mistaken. The cruise completely surpassed my expectations." - Brian English

    "A big thank you from Joseph and I for your monumental efforts in organizing this extremely successful and inspiring Arts Cruise." - Aura Pon, Canada

    Bryan Larsen Portrait Demo

    "Thank you so much for putting on the spectacular 2008 Arts Cruise. Laurie and I enjoyed it very much. We are still feeling the after-glow." - Joe & Laurie O'Rourke

    "Thanks for organizing the Arts Cruise! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the next Arts Cruise. I hope it's sometime in the near future." - Manohari Ramesh

  22. International ARC Salon awards Martin Eichinger First Place for Rapture

    Rapture by Martin Eichinger

    Portland, OR-- Art Renewal Center announced the award winners of the 2007 International ARC Salon. Martin Eichinger's figurative sculpture Rapture received the honor of First Place in the Salon's Sculpture Category.

    Held annually, the International ARC Salon draws over 1600 entries from around the globe. The competition highlights the best of contemporary realism, featuring timeless images that touch upon universal themes. ARC Salon is sponsored by the Art Renewal Center, whose online museum features the work of both present day artists and masters of the past. ARC promotes the return of training, standards, and excellence in the visual arts.

    Cast in bronze as a limited edition of 100, the award-winning Rapture is one of many works making up Eichinger s popular Duet series. Culminating at the top of the sculpture is a couple whose histories are rooted in the swirling abstract column they emerge from. Although positioned back to back, they embrace their passionate union while maintaining the individuality each brings to the relationship.

    Rapture is Eichinger's best-selling Duet sculpture and is fast approaching sold-out status. Quent Cordair Fine art has one 34" casting. His 7-foot tall enlargement of Rapture is limited to an edition of 20, all of which have sold; only one artist proof remains available.

  23. Anjou Exhibits in Paris

    The Diver by Danielle Anjou

    We are pleased to announce that Danielle Anjou's The Diver has been accepted for a show at The Louvre in Paris. The sculpture will be on display at the Societe Nationale Des Beaux Arts show which opens on December 13.

    Danielle has been chosen as part the first American Delegation ever to represent the United States in the prestigious Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts (SNBA) exhibit at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France. The exhibit will take place from December 13 to December 16, 2007. This is a unique honor, as America has never been represented in the hundred plus years the SNBA has been in existence.

    Danielle will be among nine painters and three sculptors representing the United States at SNBA in the Carrousel du Louvre. Other artists in attendance will represent Serbia, Tunisia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Polynesia, Hungary, Korea, Japan, China, Turkey.

  24. Quent Cordair Fine Art presents Monna Vanna, a three-act play by Maurice Maeterlinck.

    Cast of Monna Vanna

    We are pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for 15 performances which will be held at the Stella Adler Theater in Los Angeles. Performances are scheduled from Nov. 29, 2007 through Dec. 16, 2008. The play, considered by Ayn Rand to be " of the greatest plays in all world literature," is being directed by Joel Marquez.

    Written in 1902, Monna Vanna was Maeterlinck's first brilliant success. It was played on every important stage in Europe, except in England, where it was forbidden by censor. In 1911, Maeterlinck was honored with the Nobel Prize for literary achievement.

    "It is the late fifteenth century, and the battered city of Pisa faces imminent vanquishment by the superior army of Florence. As the city's commander prepares for the inevitable end, he receives from the enemy an astonishing offer of rescue. The attack will be called off, the siege will be lifted, the starving city will be resupplied — on one condition. The commander's wife, a woman revered as the epitome of honor and virtue, must surrender her body for a night to the hated leader of the Florentine army.

    "Thus begins Monna Vanna — and thus is unleashed a torrent of conflicts and sub-conflicts, masterfully orchestrated by the playwright, concerning the meaning of honor and the pursuit of values.

    "You will find a noble, distinctively elevated spirit in this 1902 drama. All the characters, even minor ones, are loyally committed to some moral principle and act only out of profound conviction. There are no shallow men or petty motives here — only heroic figures, sublime choices and epic decisions." Second Renaissance, Inc., Publisher

    For more information and to purchase tickets visit

  25. Perrin Sparks Wins Portrait Honor

    Congratulations to QCFA Artist Perrin Sparks whose adorable portrait A Paige in My Book (available for purchase) just won "Honorable Mention" in the Portrait Society of America's "Children's Portraits Show." ( The piece may be included in a coming issue of International Artist magazine. The artist is available for portrait commissions of adults, children, families and pets.

  26. Now Showing at Fina

    You can now see many pieces from the QCFA collection at Fina, a clothing boutique located in downtown Burlingame at 318 Lorton Avenue, with another location just opened at 284 Main St, Los Altos.

  27. Congratulations Linda and Quent!

    Quent and Linda Cordair

    We are pleased to announce the marriage of QCFA proprietor Quent Cordair and gallery director Linda Zimmerman — now Linda Cordair. The couple were wed in the Cayman Islands on December 20, 2006, with Linda's children, Josh Zimmerman and Sarah Zimmerman, present as witnesses.

    Quent and Linda first met in high school in Punta Gorda, Florida, and were soon best of friends. After high school, they gradually lost touch as they pursued different paths, Linda starting a family of her own and Quent enlisting in the Marine Corps. Twenty years later the two reconnected via The renewed friendship blossomed into romance and a business partnership, Linda moving to California in 2003 to become director of the QCFA gallery. The couple are busily living happily ever after.

  28. A new radio ad on KDFC

    Quent Cordair Fine Art is pleased to be advertising on KDFC, a classical music radio station in the San Francisco bay area. Listeners streaming KDFC's audio will be treated to a QCFA ad every other hour for the next four weeks.

    We currently have two ads running:
    Listen to the first ad (mp3 format).
    Listen to the second ad (mp3 format).